Having a functional space will help you stay organized all year round!

The versatility of a mudroom has made them a must have on the list when designing a home to be built or renovated. Whether you are single, have small children, a large family, or dog owners, a mudroom can be designed for you to serve many purposes and suit your unique lifestyle. There are endless options for the style and layout of your mudroom. Some popular features are closets, wall-to-wall shelving, hooks, large cabinets, storage bins, deep drawers, and lockers. Lockers are a common choice since they are perfect for storing backpacks, jackets, shoes, or just about anything. Having one per family member will help keep things in order. Including a bench may be useful for putting on and taking of shoes and boots.


Flooring choices can vary, and depending on what your expectation of the room is choosing the right floor can be important. Polished concrete, ceramic tile, or textured rubber floors are all great choices since they are durable, water resistant, and easy to clean. Another choice would be to have the floors heated, which can be a great option since it can help warm up wet, cold feet and aid in the drying of outerwear.


A mudroom acts as the perfect intermediary space between the outdoors and the indoors of your home.






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