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Why it's so important to have cleaning done throughout your build

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When we choose which custom home builders to work for, they really only need to pass one test: how much do they value a clean job site? For us, it's not just because we are obsessed with cleaning (okay, maybe a little) and have an incredibly high standard (not sorry), it's also because we genuinely want to work for builders that care about a clean site.  

Why? Because when they do care, it really shows. Not just in the quality of their craftsmanship and trades, but in taking care of their sites from Frame to Finish. Some builders have the impression that cleaning throughout a build is a "waste of time" because there's so much activity. So many trades, so much work getting done-it doesn't make sense, so why not leave it until the end?

The reality is, cleaning throughout the build means the site stays cleaner for a longer period of time, it's safer, and it demonstrates to the client how much their builder really cares. It's also more cost effective, which is a savings that the builder can pass onto their client! Rushing cleaning at the end usually means a lower standard and an unhappy homeowner. 

For us, it's simple: the house needs to be cared for and cleaned after each trade finishes up. That doesn't mean it's always us coming in to do the job (though we are happy to)! Everyone on site can take a moment to clean up after themselves or tidy a mess when they see it. It shows respect for other trades, the builder, and the homeowner. 

Here's some examples of the difference a good clean makes-from Frame to Finish. We can see the difference, can you?

flooring pictures before and after

Door tracking pictures before and after

Framing picture before and after



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