Tips: What to Bring to Your First Meeting

So, you want to build a new home... It's overwhelming. It's exciting, it's confusing, it's intimidating. We know this. We know it because the Bengel Custom Homes family has done this a dozen times over, and we want to make it as seamless for you as it is for us. To help you navigate the maze that is home building, we've put together a list of what you should have ready when you're ready to move forward with your dream home.

Inspiration Pictures

Pour yourself a coffee (or glass of wine), download the Houzz App on your phone, and log in a few hours surfing, swiping and compiling ideas. Houzz is an online and interactive community dedicated to the latest in everything home - from architecture to interior design to landscaping. You can save photos onto your profile and into different boards - kitchen, bathroom, etc - and show them to Brad when you meet to discuss your new home.

Or go old school, and buy a few home and interior design magazines. Cut out or tag what stands out for you - we love nothing more than a challenge. Another way to get inspo is to visit our show home, and the show homes of other builders. If you're a fan of Scandinavian design, our new show home in Edgewater is sure to give you some ideas.

Things You Love About Your Current Home

What about your current home do you love? Is it the way your kitchen is laid out? Is it the number of spare bedrooms you have in the basement? Is it the wrap-around deck you added on a few years earlier? All of this information is integral to the Bengel team - we want your new house to feel, well, home-y. And to do that, we need to know what makes you feel at home.

Things You Hate About Your Current Home

Just as you love things about your home, you'll have things you hate - maybe it's the popcorn ceilings or the colour of stain on the hardwood. Knowing these details will help the designers with Bengel speed you through the selection process. There's no point showing you paint swatches we already know you won't like!

Design Must Haves

Whether you're gaga over the Pantone Colour of the Year, crazy about concrete details, jonesing for a flat roof - whatever trend your oohing and ahhing over, we want to know.

Lot Information

Maybe you're not yet at this stage. Maybe you're still looking for the perfect piece of land. But, if your lot is already purchased and ready for development, tell us the dimensions. Tell us about what surrounds it. Tell us why you chose it. Tell us everything about it. Bring photos, maps and information about the piece of land. This will help us figure out what's viable, both from a foundational and architectural standpoint.

Prepared Questions

Ask us anything. Like we said earlier, building a new home is an overwhelming process, but because we're pros at it, we have answers to help subside that overwhelming feeling. And, if we don't, we'll do some research and get back to you. We want you leaving the meeting feeling confident, not more confused.

Your Budget

Bengel does everything from small-scale renovations to high-end custom homes. Come prepared to talk about how much you want to spend - and we'll find a way to fit your dreams into your budget.



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