Create your dream master bathroom

Today there are so many decisions to make when starting to plan out your master bathroom. Why not make it your own private oasis, design it to feel like you are visiting a spa everyday! Use different tiles and stones to create a sleek look on your floor, walls and in your shower. A big soaker tub is a must, plus a luxury shower with a variety of spray heads, possibly a ceiling mounted rain shower, or a customized steam shower, and then frameless glass shower doors really add a beautiful touch. Heated floors are a great addition to creating a comfortable environment especially after a long soak in the tub or early in the morning. Having the proper lighting in a bathroom is important, it's a bonus if you have the option to have a big window put in for some natural light. Put smart storage in, such as pull out shelving or wall cubbies can be a great idea. Unique mirrors, elegant vessel sinks, customized vanities and faucets, and audio options are all modern bathroom trends that we love! 



Make your dream a reality