How to use lighting to create a designer look

Add a special touch to each room!


Make the lighting in your home a focal point. Lighting in your home can easily be viewed as art, express your personal style and design choices! With the right lighting the interior of your home will look fresh and inviting. Using natural light is a great place to start, ceiling to floor windows, glass doors, or skylights give your home instant light during the day time hours. LED tapes, ropes or stripes are all great choices for accent lighting as they are energy efficient lighting designs that look stunning when used above or under cabinets, countertops, staircases, along ceilings, or around mirrors in the kitchen, bathroom living room or office. The color changing LED tapes can add a dramatic look as they cast different hues around the perimeter of a room. Don't be afraid to go bold and make a statement with your choice of lighting for your home! Choose a chandelier that has a dimmer switch so you can create the perfect ambience for your bedroom or living room. Using a combination of metals, crystals, colors, textures and finishes in light fixtures will continuously catch your eye and bring a room to life while giving it a fashion forward edge. 



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